Reston's Used Book Shop -- RUBS

Serving book lovers for more than three decades from its location at 1623 Washington Plaza on historic Lake Anne in Reston, Virginia.

Owners Bud and Susan Burwell create a literary living room in the shop for readers of all ages.

On any day, you'll probably meet a FRUB. A FRUB is a "Friend of Reston's Used Book Shop." (This may be the only bookstore with a fan club and a mascot!) FRUBS don't just buy books. FRUBS love the store, drop in a lot, and sometimes contribute ideas or a little time.

New Service Order Books Online from other Book Shops

We know that we can’t always put the book you are looking for into your hands. We are excited to launch a new service for our FRUBS (Friends of Reston’s Used Book Shop). Through an alliance with, we can now offer books online – not our books but the books from hundreds of other book shops.

There are three ways you can take advantage of this new service
1) We can order the book for you and call you when it arrives at our shop for the same price you would pay as if you found it on our shelves.

2) If you are a member of a book club and have a list of future books to be read, we can order them ahead of time and have them waiting for your book club members on our reserve shelf.

3) You can place your own order for a book from our Web Site ( On our home page enter the author and/or title of the book where you see the logo. When you select the ‘Search’ button you will be redirected to the site. If you find the book at a price that you like and order it through, we get a small commission.

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